Of Gods And Mortals’ Battle Report 14/12/2017

Last night, Ant and myself had another crack at Osprey’s ‘Of Gods and Mortals’.


[Its our eventual aim to play a fantasy Egyptian themed campaign, amalgamating an ‘earthly’ campaign fought out using ‘Wargods of Aegyptus’, but incorporating a parallel tussle on the meta-physical plane using ‘Of Gods and Mortals’ – where each element can affect the other. We’ve still a good way to go on this as we’re still attempting to come to grips with both the systems, but its fun to have something to aim for whilst playing a few learning curve games].

Ant went for a very ‘traditional’ fantasy themed Aegyptian force, with the god Horus, a legendary giant crocodile & sphinx and mortals of some elite archers and axemen. I used a mish-mash of figures (as usual) to try and represent my chosen evil/dark-side/eaters-of-the-dead type chaps, proxying in using the Norse pantheaon with god Hel, the legendary Sutr, some undead berserkers, undead warriors as well as a unit of trolls.

We had a bit of a late start this week, what with the club’s AGM preceding things, but luckily OGaM battlefield set-up allows you to get right into it by having a very flexible, ‘deploy anywhere’ type deployment.

OGaM is a very interesting and innovative system that makes it quite a different play from many ‘standard’ wargames. Basic troops don’t vary much and only have 2 stats (Quality and Combat rating) – with most variation being in the form of 1 or 2 special abilities. Legends have slightly better Quality and Combat rating as well as a few more abilities, whilst the gods themselves have the most abilities and the best Quality and Combat Rating. There is a variable activation and reaction dice mechanic to performing actions with units/characters, which makes the game very fluid – though a lot can sometimes depend on the luck of the dice, (doesn’t it always).

I won Initiative and advanced my undead warriors towards Ant’s archers (who reacted and shot at them, but failed to cause any damage) and my trolls advanced towards his axemen. My undead berserkers Invocated, (a mechanic where mortal followers can ‘boost’ the actions of their god) and Hel advanced also. Sutr was a bit slow of the mark though and reactions allowed Ant’s Crocodile to intercept my skeleton warriors.

Ant’s activation round went a lot better, denying me any real chance for Reactions. The Crocodile failed to do significant damage to the undead warriors, but pushed them back. However, after invocating, a pumped up Horus steam-rolled into the trolls, singlehandedly wiping them out – mortals against a god is never a good thing and I’m suddenly on the back-foot.

The sphinx dive-bombed into the attack of Sutr and the two slugged it out to a standstill.

The only reaction I managed was to get Hel into contact with Horus, ready for a godly show-down on my next activation. This went nicely to plan – both my undead units invocated to bolster Hel for her tussle with Horus (who is marginally the better fighter normally). With this bonus though (and some lucky/unlucky dice rolls) Horus was brought low and banished from the field, causing Ant’s archers and axemen to momentarily flee in panic.

My respite was shortlived though as Sutr’s counterattack on the sphinx went badly awry and he was vanquished. As a double whammy, on Ant’s activation he was able to Invocate and summon Horus immediately back to the battlefield (a nice quirk in OGaM, meaning that Mortal followers, although outmatched by Legendary characters and Gods on the battlefield, are hugely important for their power to Invocate and ‘resurrect’ as well as boost their god).

The sphinx and crocodile both attempted to topple Hel, who is having none of it and beats them back, in the course of which the sphinx is yet another victim of the death god’s unholy power. However, this is quickly overshadowed by the fact that Horus, again attacking Hel, is ignominiously beaten and banished yet a second time.

At this point we were unfortunately out of time for the evening – things did not look so good for Ant, with his God banished a second time, down to only the crocodile legendary character left and morale tests required again by his archers and axemen, both perilously close to the edge of the table.
However, although perhaps down, he was far from out. If the archers and/or axemen did not flee there would have been every chance Horus would once again enter the field and its unlikely Hel could be a third time lucky in any future encounter.

All in all a fun, quick game and I look forward to a rematch when we have time enough to finish it off

Report written by Mark Booth

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