At Christmas santa delivered a flockbox from I had been watching some vidioes on youtube priour to Christmas so I was very pleased on the day when I opened .

So the first thing that I tried it on was a figure that I had painted and had a slight problem with the varnish seeing as it was not a figure that I minded having a not perfect finish it seemed  just the right one to try out the flockbox on.After sucessfully flocking this figure with the static grass that I had to hand,up to this point when I had used static grass I had blown on it once applied to get it to stand up,and comparing results I was very pleased with the results. I decided that I should expand my supply of static grass and so on to the internet and I ordered 2mm,4mm and 6mm

2mm grass

grass plus 2 flower colours red and yellow from WWS.the plan was now to refurbish a hill from the clubs terrain selection I picked a small to medium hill with some damage.i then waited patietly for my grass to arrive which came very quickly and then as I was going to work in the garage I had to wait for the tempreture to get above 0 degrees ,happily a short while

4mm Grass

later heat wave 10 degrees so first off I did three more figures to see how the different lenghts of static grass to see which one was the best to use on the hill.I choose to use 2mm ,but before flocking could get underway I needed to do some prep work, so I added some paint to the ridge and the damaged area I then put some grass tufts and flowers which I had already bought over the past few years from various sources.once these had been

6mm Grass

attached I then decided that instead of putting stactic grass all over I would do a combination of flock and grass.I tried two diffrent methords of applying the grass with the flock box the first one i used PVA glue and put the grass on the metal plate of the box the second way was to use a metal sieve .

Methord one : pile the stacic grass on to the plate put the electrode near the area that you are flocking switch on the box hold the hill over box and watch the grass raise and attach to the glue you have to put it close to the plate or you wont get any grass on the piece you are doing .

method two: the metal sive make sure you insulate the handel and the bit of the sive that you want to hit with your hand to allow the grass to fall attach one elctrode to the sive and one on the hill near to where you want the grass to go switch on the machine shake the sivive close to the hill to compleate the circut and the stand back and looked amazed .

both methods gave a good covering and I got the same amount of shocks using both methods

The darker areas are a flock the lighter areas is static grass I have then used tuffts and flowers to jazz it up a bit.

you can see on this picture the damage that was done to the hill which I have turned into a feature.

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