Americans defend in depth

The club attended WMMS the other weekend the weather had been bad with lots of the white fluffy stuff  falling in the previous days. As a club we had a great turn out of members for the days battle and shopping. WMMs is a show that we have attended for more years than I can remember (old age coming fast) its a show that we enjoy easy to get to plenty of parking if your early good open show area.

We put on demonstration games at the show and this year we staged Guildford Court House a battle of the American war of Independence,

The British are coming!

this was organised by John Murphy and Max Ives-Keeler with help from Martin O’Reilly and Rod Thomson (if I have forgot to mention anyone who helped I am sorry.) using Rank and File Rules tweaked for the period,  this year we walked away with two awards which were Best Painted Army and 2nd in show for demonstration game.


And their still coming

Thanks to the guys at WMMS for organising another great show and hopefully we will see them next year.

We will be at Phananx this June where we will be putting on a Seven Years War Battle Torgau.

John with the AWARDS

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