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The club attended WMMS the other weekend the weather had been bad with lots of the white fluffy stuff  falling in the previous days. As a club we had a great turn out of members for the days battle and shopping. WMMs is a show that we have attended for more years than I can […]

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Congo Battle Report 2

Kong – Congo Battle Report and Game-play Thoughts Had a second go at Congo last night (my first time as a player). Ant was playing his Forest Tribes Column again and I decided to give the Zanzibaris a go, (seeing as Jonathan had used the White Men the week before). In a late change, we […]

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Congo battle report 1

Congo – Battle Report and First Thoughts Had our first game of Congo last night – 70 points each, a Column from the African Kingdoms squared off against a White Men incursion into their favourite hunting ground. A home grown scenario, based on the savannah, to be fought over 6 rounds, the victory conditions involved […]

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At Christmas santa delivered a flockbox from I had been watching some vidioes on youtube priour to Christmas so I was very pleased on the day when I opened . So the first thing that I tried it on was a figure that I had painted and had a slight problem with the varnish […]

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End of year

Well its that time of year when every one is thinking of what presents they are going to get for themselves.At the club the time is coming for the AGM,I hope that we don’t have anymore black balling this year , no now I think about it that was at a Christmas party. Any how […]

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The Club name has changed!

Our new name is Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers. Well, we no longer meet in Cobridge but we don’t want to have to change our name every time we move to a new meeting place. Hope you like it. By the way, anyone from Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and within 50 miles of Stoke is welcome to […]

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